Your home is your castle. It’s where you can relax and feel safe and it’s where you keep many of your precious belongings. To have that sanctuary suddenly taken away in a bad fire can be very psychologically and emotionally trying. It’s especially traumatic if a family member or pet was lost. An overwhelming insurance claim is often the last thing an insured wants to deal with after their home has been damaged or destroyed and family displaced. If you’ve suffered a fire loss then you don’t have to bear the burden of getting back on your feet by yourself. A good public adjuster is not only an insurance expert ready to fight for you to get a fair settlement; he or she will be there with knowledge and experience to hold your hand throughout the whole recovery process. Boarding up and protecting the house and contents from further damage, assisting in obtaining temporary living quarters, and getting immediate advance funds are all routine tasks of a good public adjuster at the onset of your claim. In the end it’s not just about pen and paper, but about people helping people in their time of need.

Fire Damage Help

Following the unfortunate event of a fire, the first concern is that you and your loved ones are unharmed. If you can do so safely, try to locate the following items: identifications, insurance information, medical information, eyeglasses, hearing aids, valuables, such as credit cards, checkbooks, jewelry, etc.

Also, remember Excalibur Public Adjusters are a phone call away to help you navigate the maze of your Fire Damage Insurance Claim. We are here to Help You Recover from the Fire Damage.
Even a small fire that is put out quickly can produce a significant amount of smoke damage to your home or business. Smoke can spread to your furniture, clothes, air conditioning unit, etc. Smoke damage, for the most part, is a covered loss, yet sometimes difficult to address.