Fire officials don’t expect to increase staffing this week, but are keeping an eye on winds as temperatures rise near 100.

Temperatures are expected to push 100 in some parts of Orange County this week, but fire officials aren’t planning to increase staffing despite the dangerous conditions.

Warm, dry weather concerns firefighters, but winds are expected to stay relatively calm. Officials with the Orange County Fire Authority said they are keeping an eye on the weather in case that changes.

“It’s hot and dry, (and) the wind is the third component we’re looking for,” said OCFA Capt. Marc Stone.

Hot weather increases the danger of brush fires, while strong winds help flames spread quickly.

Inland temperatures are expected to peak on Wednesday and Thursday, with highs from the mid 90s to as much as 100 on Wednesday, 101 on Thursday.

High pressure air over the region will drive up temperatures, joined by more high pressure over the Great Basin Wednesday and Thursday.

On Tuesday, enough ocean breeze should remain to keep the coast a bit cooler. Inland highs should be 94 to 99, coastal highs 77 to 82 under mostly sunny skies.

But air flow is expected to push toward the ocean Wednesday and Thursday, pumping temperatures higher.

By Friday, the weather should cool as low pressure from western Canada causes the high pressure to weaken and air flow from the ocean returns.

No red flag fire warning has been issued, but the National Weather Service did issue a Hazardous Weather Outlook that pointed to dry and hot conditions throughout the entire region.