Excalibur Public Adjusters Offers Assistance for Homeowners and Commercial Property Owners in Wildfire Recovery Efforts at Excaliburpa.com or 1-800-673-8305


With over 10 years in the disaster recovery and wildfire claim assistance, Excalibur Public Adjusters is uniquely poised to offer expert assistance to the victims of the California Wildfires.

Homeowners, condominium building owners, commercial property owners, and the families and businesses that live in the affected area of the Wildfires have a long road to recovery. The immediate problem that everyone is thinking is how they will get a check from their insurance company to begin this recovery process. In recent years, the insurance companies have gotten tougher and they will play the usual song of Deny, Delay, Defend for claims filed.

For some homeowners and commercial property owners, the aftermath of the wildfires could bring a whole second round of troubles. The storm passed and now the affected have to negotiate with their insurers to get the cash they need to repair fire and smoke damage. It’s not suggested to try negotiating with an insurer without a claims expert or a public adjusting expert such as Excalibur Public Adjusters in front of you that has the experience catastrophic events. Our team of experts will come to your home or business and evaluate and we will assist you in documenting, valuating, meet with you insurance adjuster and maximizing your claim when presented to the insurer.  Give us a call if you have any questions 800.673.8305