- Excalibur Public Adjusters

My name is Justin Goodman and I am the President of a successful construction insurance company in Orange County, CA. Five months ago my home had a slab leak in our Kitchen. We called the plumber out to fix the problem and they created a temporary patch to our problem. However, they failed to check for water damage under the cabinets. A couple months later my wife found mold growing under our sink and we realized we had a big problem. We had placed our insurance carrier on notice previously but we feared they would deny the claim due to the duration of time since the leak.

Fortunately, my father who had gone through a nightmare scenario with this same insurance carrier previously, recommended I utilize a public adjuster. At first I was hesitant but I realized all of the countless hours my father spent battling the insurance company and the end result achieved. With that in mind I found Excalibur Public Adjuster online and reached out to Woody. He came out the next day with his remediation specialist and they both go to work. Woody pre-adjusted the claim so that the insurance company adjuster had to do very little work. He coached me through the entire process and achieved a result I could not have fathomed. Woody was professional, determined and focused. Without him, I likely would have faced my insurance company denying the claim and a protracted battle for months.

I hope to never have to use him again (Water Damage Claims Stink), but if I am ever in trouble with a loss he will be the first person I call. I honestly can say that nobody should ever go through this process without a public adjuster. And in particular, Woody White. If you have further questions about my experience with Woody and the results he achieved, please reach out to him and he will put the two of us in touch.