Client testimonials make all the difference at Excalibur Public Adjusters.  It really makes us feel great to know that we have met or exceeded our clients expectations.

Dear Woody,

We had 2 major water leaks in our house within a month of each other! Woody did an amazing job of holding our hand though the process and getting us more money back from insurance than we could have ourselves. He “speaks” insurance lingo so always knew the questions to ask and when to put on the full court press. Thank you Woody for getting us through a very mentally and physically difficult process!

David & June M

Dear Woody,

My family and I can not thank you enough for your hard work in representing us after our flood. With full time jobs and four children, navigating the insurance waters became a time consuming, stressful experience.
Your expertise, patience, and excellent customer service saved the day and took all the stress away, and most importantly, helped expedite the process of putting our house back together. A huge, heartfelt THANK YOU for your tireless efforts on our behalf. We would (and will) recommend you to our friends, neighbors and clients should they every experience fire or flood!

Katie Machoskie – Realtor, Surterre Properties
Ed Machoskie – Chief Strategy Officer, CityTwig

Dear Woody,

The day we discovered the leak and buckled wood floors, I went into panic mode. Had no idea what to do. It took 3 days to get a hold of the insurance company. Needless to say I was stressed.

From the moment we signed up, we felt nothing but relief. All the worry went away. We had to make “0” calls to the insurance company. You handled everything. You were always there with an answer and made any and all phone calls to people, if I had questions.

We can’t thank you enough. Not that I want to go through it again, but you would be my first phone call.

Thank you again for EVERYTHING

Frank and Kathy Brower
Anaheim Hills, Ca.

My name is Justin Goodman and I am the President of a successful construction insurance company in Orange County, CA. Five months ago my home had a slab leak in our Kitchen. We called the plumber out to fix the problem and they created a temporary patch to our problem. However, they failed to check for water damage under the cabinets. A couple months later my wife found mold growing under our sink and we realized we had a big problem. We had placed our insurance carrier on notice previously but we feared they would deny the claim due to the duration of time since the leak.

Fortunately, my father who had gone through a nightmare scenario with this same insurance carrier previously, recommended I utilize a public adjuster. At first I was hesitant but I realized all of the countless hours my father spent battling the insurance company and the end result achieved. With that in mind I found Excalibur Public Adjuster online and reached out to Woody. He came out the next day with his remediation specialist and they both go to work. Woody pre-adjusted the claim so that the insurance company adjuster had to do very little work. He coached me through the entire process and achieved a result I could not have fathomed. Woody was professional, determined and focused. Without him, I likely would have faced my insurance company denying the claim and a protracted battle for months.

I hope to never have to use him again (Water Damage Claims Stink), but if I am ever in trouble with a loss he will be the first person I call. I honestly can say that nobody should ever go through this process without a public adjuster. And in particular, Woody White. If you have further questions about my experience with Woody and the results he achieved, please reach out to him and he will put the two of us in touch.

Justin Goodman – Orange County, CA

Thank you Mr. White For all your help.  In a time where things were so difficult, busy and hectic,  I was fortunate to have found you to help me thorough my loss. You handled every aspect of my claim from A -Z and it was so stress free and easy on my part.

Your professional attitude along with your extensive knowledge of insurance laws and owner’s rights, protected me in ways I could have never done myself.  I am so happy that I decided to have you handle my claim.  Honestly, it was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made in my life.  I am so pleased with the outcome and I would recommend you Highly.  hiring you as an adjuster is a no brainer for an owner who suffered any loss,  you are an angel sent by god.  I can not find any other words to describe my pleasant experience in knowing you and in the best manner in which you conducted your job.  Thank you for making such a stressful situation so stress free and pleasant for us.

P.R. Newport Coast, CA

To whom it may concern,
We would like to personally thank Woody of Excalibur Public Adjusters for all of his hard work and efforts. We can’t thank him enough for taking the time to guide us through the difficult insurance claim process.  He was very honest, diligent and communicated with us every step of the way.  He knew how to deal with insurance company, adjustor and informed us on what was going on with our home. We would highly refer his services and use him again.

Dylan and Molly R
Laguna Beach, CA

To Whom it may concern:

It is very rare that I take the time to sit down and write a testimonial for someone, however, with Woody White and what he has done for us in regards to our insurance claim, I felt compelled to do so.

In February of 2014 we had a leak in our kitchen coming from the master bathroom above.  What initially appeared to be a minor situation, turned into an extremely large claim.  I had our insurance adjuster come see the damage, and I knew we would have to replace our lower level flooring, but there were so many things I would have never thought about had we not gotten Woody with Excalibur Public Adjusters involved.

Woody has a background as a general contractor so there was no stone unturned.  He fought tooth and nail to get us every last penny we deserved from a compatible temporary housing to live in during construction down to the pack in pack out fee’s, to making sure every square foot of wall was covered with new paint.  If I had to guess, without Woody fighting for us, we probably would have ended up with closer to a fifth of the dollar amount we received with Woody.

I did quite a bit of research prior to hiring Woody, and his pricing is extremely fair and his follow through is amazing.  The claim just ended in September which is obviously a very long amount of time and as I mentioned, Woody continued to work hard for us the entire time.

Knowing what I know now, I will never take on an insurance claim again without Woody.  He is awesome, and I will continue to recommend him to everyone I know.

Lisa G
Newport Beach, CA

To anyone who is struggling to settle a loss with their insurance company,

We retained Excalibur Public Adjusters in January 2014 after trying for several weeks to reach a reasonable settlement from our home owner’s insurance carrier.  After 20 years with our insurance agent who is a personal friend, and without a single claim over that 20 year period, we naively presumed that a fair settlement would be quickly resolved.

That couldn’t have been further from the truth.  Thankfully a friend referred us to Woody White.  As a public adjuster, a term that I was previously unfamiliar with, Woody interceded to work directly with the insurance company on our behalf.  He was a God send.

The same day we called him, Woody came to meet with us, gave us an estimate of what he believed was a fair settlement.   After only four days we had a verbal agreement with the insurance company that was more than twice the amount that they had originally offered.  Within a week the insurance company cut a check that was almost exactly what Woody’s initial estimate had been.

We were very impressed with his professionalism, experience and results!  We highly recommend Woody and his services as a public adjuster.

We are exceptionally satisfied clients.
Tom & Holly L
Newport Beach, CA

After the insurance company adjuster reviewed the damages, I knew that I was going to need someone who knew what I could claim to my insurance company.  The insurance company not only will not volunteer what they will allow, they will try repair the damage as cheaply as possible. When we met Woody he was knowledgeable, explained all of our options and what we could claim. There were things that he told us we could claim which the insurance company never told us about.  He told us that he would get us more than what the adjuster said.  Woody was right, he got us almost twice as much than we would have got without his services. I would highly recommend him to anyone that would need his services.

Encino, California

I was referred to Excalibur after receiving a very low quote from my insurance company to repair water damage to my house. I had no idea that public adjusters existed. I did know that insurance companies have an inherent conflict of interest in giving home owners a fair settlement. Woody came to my house and explained the details of the claim and was able to get 3 times the amount the insurance company offered. I strongly recommend you use Excalibur when dealing with insurance claims.

Best regards,
P. Mouritz
Huntington Beach, CA

When I received a very low quote ( a pitiful $9,000 ) from my insurance company on repairs needed to my recently water damaged kitchen, I was not sure what to do!

I was referred to Woody, (a public adjuster and owner of Excaliber Pulbic Adjusters),by the water damage company, to see if he could help.

When I met Woody he was very straight forward and very professional.

He said he would definitely get a more accurate estimate, AND HE DID!!

He got us $33,000 more from our insurance so we could now properly handle the damage to our kitchen.

Not only that , but he was on it fast and we got this result in less than 2 weeks!!!

Woody definitely delivered what he promised and stayed in touch throughout the process.

I would and actively do HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM to anyone needing his service.

P O’Malley
Sylmar, CA

This letter recommends Excalibur Public Adjusters to any property owner looking to settle insurance claims for property loss.

There is no way for a property owner to receive just compensation from an insurance company without the services of a public adjuster to be the owners advocate. After months of phone calls and no action from the insurance company I retain the services of Excalibur Public Adjusters. Excalibur Public Adjusters held the insurance company accountable to the terms of the policy. They are knowledgeable, tough and competent. They obtained a higher settlement which paid for their services and increased the amount I received.

My only mistake was I should’ve hired Excalibur Public Adjusters the day the loss occurred.

Manoule & Maria A
Granada Hills, CA

Dear Excalibur Public Adjusters,
I want to express our sincere gratitude for the outstanding services regarding the water damage to our home.

Your professionalism and reliability is greatly appreciate and certainly did not go unnoticed.

Knowing that we were greatly concerned about the handling of our claim and overseeing all activities on the property, it has been a great relief to deal with a professional organization like Excalibur Pubic Adjusters. We appreciated the extra effort and immediate response involved in handling our loss.

I am certain we will recommend Excalibur Public Adjusters. if any of our family and friends ever have a loss to any of their properties.

Very Truly Yours,
Grace S
Upland, CA

Working with Excalibur Public Adjusters is a truly rewarding experience.  The staff at Excalibur Public Adjusters made one of the worst experiences of my life bearable.  When your home is hit, with a catastrophic event, your life seems out of control.  It is an immeasurable relief to be able to trust someone’s judgment, who you know will respect your home, its contents, enable you to go to work every day and hold on to your sanity.

As a business professional, who deals with clients demanding exceptional customer service every day, Excalibur Public Adjusters is inspiring.  They did a great job in deal with my insurance company in getting what was need to put my house back together.

I would recommend Excalibur Public Adjusters and its associates, to my friends, my family, and to anyone, and the comforting feeling that you are in good hands.

Maggie D
Manhattan Beach, CA

Recently, I encountered multiple water leaks in my home that led to significant damage to my floors, carpet and walls. Much to my dismay our insurance company claims representative did not get to the root of the problem caused by the second leak and did not give me adequate money to cover all the repairs needed.

Fortunately, I heard about Woody at Excalibur Public Adjusters and had him come out to inspect my home thoroughly. Woody was able to find things that either the insurance claims didn’t see or was hiding to save money for their company (I’ve researched this and found it to be true).

One incident I experienced was when my claims rep reported water leakage being caused by a plumbing leak. I decided to get some other opinions and had two different plumbers come out to inspect with cameras that were able to go down into drain pipes beneath the foundation of our home. The first plumber reported that I had a crack that affected the drain pipe all the way to the main line in the street. He  quoted me a figure of $10-15,000 to repair. The second plumber repeated the same procedure and reported the damage did not affect the pipe all the way to the street and priced it out at $3,000-5,000. Either way my insurance company would not reimburse me for this type of damage that was below the foundation of our home.

I found Woody’s procedure much more precise and honest. First, he had another plumber come out with his camera and made sure he observed what was being seen. When he informed me they saw no cracks in the drain pipe I could hardly believe it. At the same time, I was extremely upset with the fact both plumbing companies would lie to me like this in order to get a lot of money out of someone like me who they thought could be easily taken advantage of. I could have wasted $3,000-$15,000 had I believed the first two plumbers. Thanks to Woody I was able to save this expense.

Secondly, Woody found my mold damage to be much more extensive than what the claims adjuster discovered during the first inspection. This meant a lot more money was needed from my insurance company to cover the repairs such as replacing some drywall and painting all my walls. This came out to be approximately $7,500 more. The claims adjuster and her supervisor both refused to pay this additional amount. However, Woody was able to negotiate with them further and was successful in getting me this additional amount so we could complete all the repairs needed.

I would recommend Woody and Excalibur Public Adjusters to anyone who has an insurance claim and at the same time need to get the fair amount they need from their insurance money to ensure all repairs are covered. It is very rare these days to find someone like him who is honest, professional, knowledgeable, and at the same time can negotiate with your insurance company.

Dan E
Costa Mesa, CA